Tourism and Destination Management

AED 4,735.00

Course Details

Managing tourism destinations is an important part of controlling tourism's environmental impacts. The needs, expectations and anticipated benefits of tourism vary greatly from one destination to another and there is no "one size fits all" approach to destination management. This module was developed to give an overview of destination management and how it can be applied. Besides gaining an insight into the positioning and branding of a destination, this module also describes how to develop a destination policy before looking at macro and microeconomic aspects of destination management and their respective influence on a destination.

Course Highlights

  • Positioning and Branding a Destination
    • The module will provide an introduction to destination management before an elaborating on the competitive positioning of destinations.
  • Destination Policy Planning and Development
    • Product strategies and the destination product life cycle will be evaluated along with the process of developing a product portfolio.
  • Latest Trends in Tourism
    • Students will learn about the importance of implementing a framework for sustainable tourism development. This will include points on responsible tourism practices and tools for managing resources.
  • Global Forces Shaping World Tourism (Macroeconomics)
    • Participants discuss the impact that tourism may have on a globalized economy. They will learn how the increase in tourism demand leads to an increase in the relative price of domestically produced tourism-related services.
  • The Destination and the Tourism System (Microeconomics)
    • The trainer will introduce the advanced issues of the microeconomic theory and their implication on tourism.

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