Strategic Marketing Planning in Hospitality

AED 4,735.00

Course Details

Developing a strategic marketing plan, preferably for the participant's own organization includes a situation analysis, setting of objectives as well as developing strategies to achieve those objectives. As such the module includes the task of developing a positioning statement as well as the planning for execution. In this module, participants will learn about segmenting, targeting and positioning (STP-marketing) a brand or organization. Furthermore, the module explores the instrumental strategies such as product, price, place and promotion policy.

Course Highlights

  • Segmenting and Targeting
    • This first part of the module deals with the tasks of segmenting markets and selecting the relevant ones for further attention. Thereby the various approaches to segmenting markets (consumer, organizations, competitors) as well as methods are going to be explored.
  • Positioning
    • Positioning is defined as the “Battle for the customers’ mindset”. Throughout the workshop trainees will review a number of examples that firms position their services and products with references to the UAE market.
  • Strategic Marketing Plan
    • The theoretical framework on strategic marketing is accompanied by a strategic marketing planning process in the form of case study teaching. The course covers a practical step by step process on developing a marketing plan through a number of platforms and tools.

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