Strategic Management

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  • The aim of this course is to develop students’ understanding of managerial structures needed to implement innovative business models in organizations. This course also aims at providing students with analytical and practical knowledge about effective strategic management challenges and practices to implement innovative business models.

    This course will utilize a blended learning approach that comprises of the interactive lectures, group and class room discussions, problem solving using cases and other reading material. The students are expected to have prior knowledge of how an organisation functions as well as strategic models used.

    Learning outcomes from the course:

    • CLO1. Explain different concepts that enable a long-term winning organisation.
    • CLO2. Critically assess a wide range of innovative business models through concrete cases.
    • CLO3. Evaluate practical implications of strategic decision-making and organisational implementation.
    • CLO4. Analyze and comprehend the drivers of agile strategizing to promote innovation in teams and organisations.
    • CLO5. Reflect upon the analysis of different forms of value propositions and architectures and their linkages to profit equations.

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