Social Network Analysis

by Inside MBA
AED 5,500.00

This course focuses on the theory and methodology of social network analysis (SNA). Particular attention will be paid to the theoretical foundations of SNA and to methodological insights of interest to political scientists. Each session will consist of a lecture to be followed by a seminar and a lab. In the seminars, we will discuss papers with methodological interest framed around politics-related questions. In the lab sessions, we will familiarise with some key software (UCINET, NETDRAW) but note this is not a software course.

Learning outcomes from the course:

Participants will be introduced to the theory and methods of Social Network Analysis. Participants are not expected to have familiarity with SNA or competence in statistical analysis beyond an elementary understanding of frequency distributions.

In this course we will:

  • introduce some key theoretical concepts underlying social network analysis
  • introduce some key methodological tools for the analysis of networks in social science research
  • demonstrate a number of different statistical packages by focusing on network descriptive statistics
  • introduce methods for data collection and how to operationalize research employing SNA

This course is intended to stimulate the intellectual curiosity of scholars and provide a guide for those wishing to dwell further in the theory and methods of SNA.

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