Media Asset Management & Utilization

by Inside MBA
AED 5,500.00

This course focuses on showing at how the management and re-use of audiovisual content are changing for the modern enterprise, highlight key technologies and trends, and examine collaboratively how future business can leverage audiovisual material and benefit from a better media management and re-use strategy.

Learning outcomes from the course:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of the importance and role of media assets within the enterprise, both as an internal benefit and as a complement to existing and new product or service offering
  • Learn how to better manage and re-use media assets in internal processes and workflows as well as part of new and extended business models
  • Understand how market and technology trends are changing classical media workflows and value chains
  • Gain an awareness of how media content will be more flexibly exchanged across organisational boundaries in the future and how creator rights can be respected
  • Know how to plan from a business perspective how to better leverage company media assets
  • Understanding of trends and developments in the online media and tourism markets
  • Respect digital rights both in the use of their companies own media assets and in the re-use of media assets acquired from other organizations

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