Managing and Leading People in Hospitality

AED 4,735.00

Course Details

After introducing the fundamental history of HR management and a background in the industry workforce, challenges HR managers are facing in today’s working environments are elaborated on.

Course Highlights 

  • Principles of HR Management
    • This module will be an introduction to the principles of HR management in the hospitality industry and the critical issues that we are facing in today’s globalized world. Furthermore, a broad overview of the structure and organization of HR departments will be given.
  • Effectively Resourcing Hospitality Organization
    • The second part of the module deals with staff selection and recruitment and how to introduce new staff members to the team.
  • Development & Training (Career Planning)
    • Performance management of staff members is the key topic that raises questions such as how to plan, deliver and evaluate training programs?
  • Rewards & Remuneration (Payroll)
    • Trainees will familiarize themselves with local legal aspects that companies have to take into account when employing staff members.
  • Employee Relationship (Empowering Staff)
    • A crucial topic in today’s hospitality industry necessary for meeting the challenges of finding, hiring and maintaining highly qualified staff over the long term. Trainees are shown how to reduce staff turnover and how to implement employer branding.

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