Latest Trends in New Media & Human Computer Interaction

by Inside MBA
AED 5,500.00

This course focuses on the current trends in human-computer interaction. Based on some older examples, it shows how user interfaces improved over time, but also how new challenges continuously demanded new developments. Many ideas go back a long time, but only recent technological advances made it possible to fully harness the possibilities.

Learning outcomes from the course:

  • Understand the implementations methods and identify what is possible and when to apply it.
  • Learn about the application of human-computer interaction in the interactive visual analysis of data.
  • Identify the distinction between the concept of interactions to solve tasks and the concept of interactions as dealing with a certain kind of device; (2) recent developments in user interfaces; and (3) challenges and opportunities of web applications, including the blurring of human-computer interaction and computer-mediated human-human interaction

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