Creating Positive Impact In Investing & Finance

by Professional Courses
AED 5,775.00
Fee (Inclusive of 5% VAT)
  • The primary aim of this course is to develop students’ understanding of the key concepts and principles of responsible and positive impact investing and finance and thus how to avoid negative environmental and social impacts or generate solutions to potential negative consequences of investing and finance.

    To this effect, the course will cover the fundamentals and theories of investing and finance, the basics of commercial interaction as quantified in game theory and the consequential case for responsible investing and finance as well as opposing theories.

    Learning outcomes from the course:

    • Understand the rationale and impact of responsible financing approaches
    • Understand the rationale and impact of responsible investment models
    • Demonstrate or develop structuring skills for responsible investment and finance
    • Develop an attitude of a reflective practitioner in finance
    • Demonstrate risk management skills based on a PESTO context factor approach
    • Diagnose positive and negative impacts of investing and finance
    • Demonstrate independent thinking and exploration skills for impact identification, assessment, management and holistic value creation
    • Demonstrate an understanding of the influencing factors of impacts (external) and corporate culture/governance (internal), value statements, organizational structures and strategy
    • Utilize and apply International Standards, Models and Management skills in
      responsible finance
    • Understand approaches and guidelines to responsible investing and providing capital to entrepreneurs

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