Business Planning & Intellectual Property Rights

by Inside MBA
AED 5,500.00

This course focuses on:

Topic A

New Media creates a new environment for evolving Business Models. The understanding of important elements of successful Business Models for inclusion in a Business Plan are important first steps to set-up a New Media Company. This unit shows how to attract capital to new Business Models, including

  • Financial Environment
  • Development of a Business Model
  • Creation of a Business Plan
  • Presentation of a Business Model
  • Preparation for funding

Topic B

For the creation of a Business Model and the successful realization of a Business Plan in the field of New Media basic know-how of intellectual property rights is essential. This unit presents all key topics, including

  • Definition of New Media and legal terminology
  • Purpose of IP Rights and their advantages and disadvantages
  • Specific IP-rights (e.g. trademark law, patent law, copyright law, etc.)
  • Contractual basics (Transfer of IP-rights, Legal basics for IP and license contracts, Negotiations)

Learning outcomes from the course:

  • Understand critical success factors for the development of a Business Model
  • Know how to create a Business Plan
  • Learn how to present a Business Model to relevant parties of the financial community in order to raise funds
  • Identify diverse IP Rights and their scope in the field of New Media
  • Develop know-how with regards to IP and license contracts and the commercial/legal value of IP rights for a Business Model/Plan
  • Learn more about the options and methods regarding contracts and procurement negotiations for software development projects in a start-up environment

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