Business Analytics

by Professional Courses
AED 5,775.00
Fee (Inclusive of 5% VAT)
  • In this course, we focus on the understanding of methodological challenges in the analysis and interpretation of data. In the statistical training sessions, we will start from elementary concepts of distribution and dispersion to reach an introduction of correlation and linear regression.

    Learning outcomes from the course:

    • Students will debate its merits in seminars as they build capacity in data analysis which will include using a statistical package called SPSS.
    • You are welcome to use any other package for doing the statistical analysis, including freeware like R or by employing the statistics module in Excel.
    • A number of key challenges to data analysts are also explored here.
    • These include a method and data triangulation and the debate on the quantitative-qualitative dichotomy.

    This is the dominant software in business analysis and the social sciences. This is available in the computer labs and there are two sessions scheduled to allow you to familiarize with it.

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